Individuals’ Misconceptions of Referencing Existing Cover Letter Templates


When you’re called for an interview to a job vacancy that you’ve applied, you would first think about the attire you should wear and then prepare for the interview. Pursuing a career is an important decision and part in an individual’s life. You yourself might have gone through this phase or know an individual who’s struggling. With that said, as much as preparing for an interview or organizing the attire is important, so is the cover letter. This plays a major role in grabbing your opportunity to work in a company. Majorities of individuals hold various misconceptions regarding it, especially the templates available online.

For instance when you search through classified, almost 3/4th of the adverts don’t mention about sending in a cover letter. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the significance of it. In a certain point of view, it shows your communicative and persuasive style for appointing you for that job over another candidate. With that said, there are many templates available online. Here are some of the misconceptions that needs to be cleared:

  • If you’re applying for a job in Australia, one of the major mistakes of using an online cover letter template Australia is not making changes. In fact, this is true with all other business related templates. They would follow the same structures, simply fill in the criteria given in it and submit it along with their resume.

Employers would have seen the same format hundreds or thousands of times, therefore, wouldn’t be interested for selecting you for the position you’ve applied for.

  • On the other hand, the other misconception is that all companies around the world expect the same structures that you find in business magazines and the Internet. However, this isn’t true, as depending on the various industries, employers expect a unique and fresh point of structure and view of this letter.

Therefore, simply copying off or filling out these existing templates would be o no use. Moreover, this is applied to cover letter test sites that design a letter based on the responses that you provide.

  • Another misconception of cover letter template Australia is that, they don’t highlight the use of bulleted points. These templates are continuous paragraphs of your goals, skills and so on. Nothings appealing and attractive about such letters.

However, if you use bullets or numbered points, it’s more useful, as it draws the attention of the employer to your skills and areas of expertise.

This great asset, which is useful for individuals in search of job, underestimates the value of it. On the other hand, you shouldn’t mix up supportive resources as the only way of writing a letter. As the name suggests, it’s only s supportive document that you could get a basic idea from. With that said, if you hold some of these misconceptions, it’s time to change it and write an impacting cover letter, when you’re applying for any job vacancy.